Buford Water Works Replacement

Buford Water Works Replacement

Project consists of renovating a raw water pump station and constructing a new raw water pipeline, screen structure, two clear well structures, high service pump station, metering vaults, a process and administration building for membrane treatment, installation of all associated equipment, and all related yard piping, appurtenances, electrical, civil, and SCADA.


We are constantly working on new projects to improve our infrastructure and better serve our community. With a cutting-edge water plant and a focus on excellence, Buford is ready for the future. The City of Buford receives its water from Lake Sidney Lanier, located just north of Buford. We also purchase a portion of our water from the Gwinnett County Water Plant. Lake Lanier is very low in point source and urban runoff pollutants. The Buford Waterworks was built in 1934 to filter 500,000 gallons of drinking water per day. In 1965, it was increased to 1 million gallons per day. In 1994, the plant was highly rated at 2 million gallons per day. Currently the plant is undergoing upgrades to increase water capacity to met the demands of the next decade.

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